Friday, December 31, 2010

A few facts about Vitória

Vitória is the capital of the Brazilian state of Espirito Santo (which we found out translates to "holy spirit").  It is located on a small island within a bay. The city of Vitória was founded in 1551.  In 2005 the city had a population of 313,300 and the metropolitan area had a population of more than 1,612,885  (the 14th largest in Brazil at the time).   In 1998, the United Nations rated Vitória as the fourth best state capital in Brazil to live in (ratings were based on health, education and social improvement projects).  There is an airport that connects Vitória with many Brazilian cities.  Last fact today is that Vitória is home to the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES).  Hopefully by the time Adam leaves for Brazil we will know tons about Vitória!

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